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Volunteer with us

We accept volunteers from inside and outside government organisations. This makes it a great opportunity to get experience both working in climate and with people in the Public Sector.

Climate is a massive issue, that makes it hard to address but it leaves room for everyone to make a difference, no matter what their skill set and experience. 

This is an excellent opportunity to meet new people, apply and learn new skills, and help create a lasting difference on work that builds climate resilience and ambition around the UK.

We are made up of volunteers of all backgrounds in the public sector but we all have two things in common:

1) we care deeply about addressing the climate and biodiversity crisis

2) we are all juggling our day jobs with volunteering in the CfCA

That doesn't leave us with anywhere near enough time to get done what needs to be done. We already have access to the knowledge of how our organisations work and how they need to work in order to meet these challenges, but we need help getting it done. 

Public Sector Volunteers

External Volunteers

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