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The public sector is hugely diverse, both in the type of work it does and people's experience.


One thing it lacks, though, is connectivity. Nature relies on this in every thriving ecosystem; to be resilient, to adapt to change and to use and share resources efficiently. We use slack to connect and we can show you how to use it too; our supportive community is always available to help and can run live sessions if needed.


The Cross Government Climate Hub is a coming-together of all relevant climate and environmental groups, including the Collective for Climate Action.  It is our own public sector ecosystem.  Working in our separate groups is perfect for maintaining a defined identity and focussed objective, but coming together allows all the groups to bring their particular expertise and perspective to the table, and also to support each other. 


Working and communicating alongside each other develops new relationships and helps identify new opportunities. Together we can have greater impacts to accelerate action on the climate and biodiversity crises throughout the public sector. 


Community is at the heart of the Hub.  To continue our mission we must work together and support each other to maintain resilience in the community. 


We are connected to the Climate Psychology Alliance and the amazing work they do. They provide trained Hub community members to facilitate support sessions on climate anxiety.  We have dedicated channels in the Hub for wellbeing.  Members can connect with each other on monthly 1-to-1 calls to get to know others, and we have weekly video calls for members to discuss and collaborate on climate issues.



We can't address the climate crisis by ourselves and no-one need to feel alone in dealing with the emotions surrounding it. 

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Our own public sector ecosystem


Old-growth forests are more resilient than replanted forests for this very reason: both above and below ground there is a network of plants, animals, insects, bacteria and fungi that all work together to withstand change and adapt to it.


These highly connected systems have a memory of past challenges like droughts and wildfires and how to recover. They work in ways that we are only just starting to fully understand but some things are already clear: they share space, they share energy and they share information. In short, they work together and they are more adaptable and resilient as a result. 


That's what we hope the Cross Government Climate Hub will be.

How do we communicate?

Slack is the platform we use for large cross-government groups to collaborate asynchronously.  We have set up, organised and simplified the Slack workspace to maximise a positive user experience, reflecting what our users need.  We provide live training sessions for members.

You can have a channel on our Slack workspace just for your own community, have all the conversations you have already but right next to others who also want to make a difference. We can run events together, share information, answer questions and offer advice to people working and volunteering on this crisis throughout the public sector. 

Please contact us if you would like to share a platform and connect with climate professionals and volunteers throughout the UK public sector
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