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The Cross Government Climate Hub: The Widest Climate Network in the UK Public Sector 

Making the Climate Community Visible to Itself

In partnership with UK Research and Innovation's Knowledge Transfer Network and Gov News (about Gov News)
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Hosted by us but in collaboration with all interested climate and environment groups from around the UK Public sector. We want everyone to be connected and everyone to be partners on this journey.
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Apply to access your climate community
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The UK Public Sector is hugely diverse, from our services to the knowledge and skills we use in delivering them. However, despite our differences, we share challenges. Reducing our environmental impact, decarbonising and adapting to the Climate and Biodiversity crisis are massive tasks we all face and connected; we can use our collective knowledge to address them effectively.

We created the Cross Government Climate Hub to connect our atomised Public Sector climate community; to make it visible to itself. 

The challenges we face are new and complex. Continuing to break down siloes hiding the great work already done catalyses our learning and helps build the speed and momentum needed to address this monumental task.

Join this community of communities and become part of the solution. A regenerative, sustainable and resilient future cannot be an aspiration; it must be our destination, and, working together, we can achieve it. 

ISO 14090:2019

Adaptation to climate change — Principles, requirements and guidelines


Use this space to connect:

'The organization shall identify relevant interested parties; develop a plan to engage with relevant interested parties sufficient to understand their needs and expectations with respect to climate change adaptation.'

Our Community

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Community is at the heart of the Hub.  To continue our mission we must work together and support each other to maintain resilience in the community. 


We are connected to the Climate Psychology Alliance who have trained some of our members to facilitate climate anxiety cafes. Members can also connect with each other on monthly 1-to-1 calls to discuss climate issues. We've also got volunteers in equality, diversity and Inclusion and social science-humanities professional/academic backgrounds, who host climate workshops throughout the year, exclusively for our members.

Our Community Principles

Principles all Cross-Government Climate Hub members must follow:

  • We will not tolerate any discrimination, harassment or bullying around people’s race, ethnicity, religion, disability, age, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, neurodivergence or other personal, cultural and/or organisational characteristics

  • Respect other people’s views - if someone posts an opinion you disagree with, you can challenge the view but never attack the person. For example, people’s views on social justice and politics which may clash with your own

  • All public and private messages and posts are open to Freedom of Information Requests (FOI)

  • Members must not share information that their organisation has marked official sensitive

  • All opinions and views expressed are your own and not reflective of your organisation, unless otherwise stated

  • Be conscious of everyone’s different circumstances and capacity. For example, some may work at different times, be in a busy period, have child caring or other responsibilities outside of CfCA 

  • Use inclusive language and be mindful of how and what you post. For example, spell out acronyms, explain complex terms, and respect people’s pronouns

  • Accuracy – ensure information is accurate, evidenced, referenced where possible, notify people if something that’s been said or shared isn’t true, and ensure false information isn’t spread

What is / Who are Gov News?


Gov News is a platform run by Pendulum Media, a Government Communications Marketplace appointed supplier. They run the Smarter Working Awards by the Government Property Agency. They started with the awards and a newsletter that went out to over 200,000 public servants about improving how we work together but they wanted to keep the conversation going between events so they used Circle to host the Gov News platform. It is a community of communities and can host conversations, publish and save documents and host and save live events.

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We are the first community to join and create the "space group": Cross Government Climate Hub and we work closely with the Gov News team to improve our channels and the community as a whole. 

Where we Are

​Since forming in 2019, we have connected with 200+ councils and 100+ public bodies. See below if your organisation or local council are involved!

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Last updated 2 April 2021

Interact with the Google Slides below to learn more about the CfCA and our Hub

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