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Climate for teachers

More than just Climate

Science Week; The King's School Ely

“It is rare to find such a big thinker as [Ian]”

“the students were extremely lucky to be spoken to by someone with such a broad perspective”

Head of Science, The Kings' School Ely, Ned Kittoe

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Ian continues to communicate on climate within The Environment Agency, the Civil Service, the Institute for Civil Engineers and most recently at the Science Museum's Science on a Sphere exhibit about climate science. 

As Education Lead for the Collective for Climate Action, Ian Cable offers free sessions for teachers on the climate and biodiversity crisis.

Ian has an MSc in Climate Change and Risk Management, is a STEM ambassador and works at the Environment Agency with experience in:

  • Flood and coastal risk management

  • Community engagement

  • Climate communication



The sessions: a chance to ask questions

  • In a 1 hour, online session we can cover:

    • Where we are with decarbonisation

    • what drives climate change

    • why it's so difficult to address

    • what the most impactful solutions are

    • what we can all do to help (it may not be what you think)

    • what our future is likely to look like, based on science and our current action 

    • the opportunities it presents

  • Questions are encouraged

  • All sessions are free

  • We can schedule around you

  • Can be open Q and A to build your confidence on climate.

Outside the School

Understanding leads to solutions

School LIbrary

The philosopher Timothy Morton describes climate change as a hyper-object; an entity of such vast dimensions that it defeats traditional ideas about what a thing is in the first place.


It's a huge issue and it's very easy to feel paralysed by this, but learning how we can take action, and doing so with others, can help to ease 'climate anxiety'.

Additional resources

UKSSN: A Community for Teachers and Pupils

We are proud to be associated with the UK Sustainable Schools Network (UKSSN) and the great work they are doing to help teachers around the country better communicate and empower teachers and pupils to act positively on the Climate and Nature Crisis.

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Free Continuing Professional Development for Teachers


Leading research into climate change and sustainability education which shapes the development of outstanding, free professional development for all teachers and school leaders from UCL (University College London) 

Climate Learning

The majority of teachers in the UK still not confident to address climate and biodiversity in the classroom? If you have time you can address that with self-led learning, this can be a great way to compliment live sessions offered here.

Streaming Resources for School and Home

There are some expertly researched, written, produced and directed films and television resources available across all the main streaming platforms. There is no reason why any teacher or pupil with internet access should be deprived of excellent resources on climate.

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