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We are working to build resilience into the UK public sector so we can address the climate and biodiversity crisis with the speed needed to avoid the very worst climate impacts and adapt to the rest.


We are made up of volunteers of all backgrounds in the public sector but we all have two things in common:

  • we care deeply about addressing the climate and biodiversity crisis

  • we are all juggling our day jobs with volunteering in the CfCA


That doesn't leave us with anywhere near enough time to get done what needs to be done. We already have access to the knowledge of how our organisations work and how they need to work in order to meet these challenges, but we need help getting it done. 

We all have a stake in this and we all have the capacity to make a difference. Things are starting to move in the right direction but we need to be deep into net negative. We don't just need to stop emissions; we need to be pulling them out of our skies and oceans to bring the balance back to the ecosystems that have given us so much over the last 11,000 years.


We need to show leadership that we are ready to meet the changes and do the work necessary to get us on the road to a more just and stable world than the one we have, and certainly than the one we face. 

Candidate requirements:
  • 18 years old or above 

  • Self-motivated 

  • Passionate about addressing the climate and biodiversity crisis

  • You do not have to have a background in sustainability, climate, ecology or any other discipline directly related to climate. Climate affects everyone so we need people from all backgrounds and incomes. As long as you understand the urgency of climate and want experience in addressing it, we want you on board!

  • At least 3 months to commit, these roles are to maintain momentum and that is quickly lost if people are leaving regularly. There is no cap on how long you can stay with us though.

  • Volunteers with time to commit to helping this project:

    • graduates

    • students

    • recent school leavers

    • anyone not currently working in the private sector who would like to get experience in working on climate

    • those in retirement looking to really have an impact

Volunteer benefits

If you are interested in learning more about the vast array of government organisations addressing climate, connecting with people working on them and helping to build ambition on climate, then this is a great opportunity.


There is a lot of essential routine work needed to maintain momentum as we need to grow fast but still engage and support our community.

If we can connect all parts of the public sector up on climate then we will have something little seen in the public sector: agility. 

You will meet many people from the 200 different organisations that we are in contact with all over the UK. This number will only grow with your help, and there are many more organisations that we have to connect and really engage with. 

Being part of the CfCA will mean you are making a difference in a way that XR and Fridays for Future cannot: helping to make a public sector that is more ambitious, stronger, more agile and better equipped to grab the opportunities that come as this transition accelerates.


You can still be part of those groups but it is governments who are the ones that can take the really big risks, not private business. They will stick to the easy work where the foundations have already been laid and they know they can make money. Laying those foundations is what government must do, and it must do it fast, but leadership needs to know we want this and want to work to do it or they will continue the transition too slowly. This is a race against time, so we have to keep pushing until we get well into net negative.

Volunteer tasks

These roles are to save us time and keep work moving so we need people who can deliver the following:

  • Being part of one of the working groups and helping lead

  • Taking notes in meetings

  • Organising meetings

  • Maintaining the website

  • Maintaining and promoting the jobs board on Trello so people can see the opportunities available

  • Signposting people on our platforms like Slack

  • Reminding members to update their profiles, set their notifications and use resources to learn how to use Slack

  • Getting members' questions answered in the right channels and linking them with those who can help (this will require growing your understanding of different members, their work and knowledge)

  • Posting and engaging members on our LinkedIn group and commenting on others' posts with links to our LinkedIn space, to draw people inside and outside of the public sector to the CfCA

  • Assisting in the facilitation of live events

How to apply 


Please complete the expression of interest form: 

If you have any questions email: 

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