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  1. Volunteer Climate Officer

Volunteer Climate Officer

A connected public sector is a key recommendation from the Climate Change Committee and we have become the organisation of choice to do that. We need volunteers with passion to tackle the climate and biodiversity crisis above all else, but we also need people with time.


As a Volunteer Climate Officer (VCO), you will be an essential member of the CfCA, whilst gaining invaluable experience. You would be doing things that Extinction Rebellion and Fridays for Future cannot:

  • Connecting all government services up on climate

  • Amplifying the voice on this issue throughout the public sector

  • Building ambition on addressing the monumental challenges we face.

About this Volunteering Role

Candidate requirements:
  • 18 years-old or above 

  • Self-motivated, ability to work in an interdisciplinary team and independently, take initiative and be proactive, time management and organization

  • Passionate about addressing the climate and biodiversity crisis

  • You do not have to have a background in sustainability, climate, ecology or other related disciplines. Climate affects everyone so we need people from all backgrounds, which is also crucial for driving systemic responses to climate change. As long as you understand the importance of addressing climate, we want you on board!

  • At least 2 month to commit, these roles are to maintain momentum and that is quickly lost if people are leaving regularly. There is no cap on how long you can stay with us. If there is something specific you'd like to get involved with and have constraints on availability, please do let us know.

  • This role is ideal for:

    • Anyone not currently working in the private sector (due to potential conflicts of interest) who would like to get experience in working on climate

    • Students, graduates, recent school leavers

    • People between employment or in retirement seeking to make a difference

Volunteer tasks

This is a non-exhaustive list of tasks our VCOs get involved with. We're always open to new ideas and encourage you to take ownership of these too. For example, current VCOs have taken initiative in applying their university studies to create interactive workshops about intersectionality + climate, as well as bringing new perspectives to conversations on Slack.


  • Administration

    • Maintaining our Slack Workspace and website (Wix)

    • Updating Trello boards with latest events and job opportunities, taking notes in meetings, online events management

    • Gathering testimonials and feedback from our members and helping us improve

  • Community engagement: 

    • Interacting with active and inactive members, reminding them to update their profiles, set notification preferences, and support them in using Slack, Trello and/or Microsoft Teams

    • Getting members' questions answered in the right channels and linking them with those who can help (this will require growing your understanding of different members, their work and knowledge)

  • Social media:

    • Posting and engaging members on our LinkedIn group and commenting on others' posts with links to our LinkedIn space, to draw people inside and outside of the public sector to the CfCA

    • Content creation and science communication on our LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and/or YouTube eg, Slack tutorials

Benefits of volunteering with us
  • Networking with 1550+ members in our community

  • Help break-down silos for cross-sector conversations and collaborations!

  • Keep updated with the latest things happening in government on climate and biodiversity, events and job opportunities

  • Wellbeing support via climate cafes with facilitators trained by the Climate Psychology Alliance

  • Flexible capacity & commitments

One of our current VCOs, Oliver Yu Hurst, says: "since joining the CfCA in June 2021, I have learnt so much and gained more skills than my Master's degree. CfCA is full of people with immense passion and dedication to building a 'community of communities' to tackle our planetary crises. I have no intention of ever leaving and strongly encourage anyone interested to get involved!" 

How to apply 


Please complete the expression of interest form: 

If you have any questions email: 

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • slack
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