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  1. Volunteer Climate Officer

Volunteer Climate Officer

A connected public sector is a key recommendation from the Climate Change Committee and we have become the organisation of choice to do that.

We need volunteers with passion to tackle the climate and biodiversity crisis above all else, but we also need people with time.

We all perform administrative tasks as core members of the collective, but we also have the chance to lead and collaborate with others on CfCA projects. You can be a key part of that.


Keeping momentum is a central challenge that we are always looking to address. Our community is made up of members of the public sector but as an external volunteer you can become one too.


In this role you would be an essential member of the CfCA and you would gain invaluable experience. You will build links and relationships with members throughout the public sector, but above all else you would be doing things that Extinction Rebellion and Fridays for Future cannot:

  • connect all government services up on climate

  • amplify the voice on this issue throughout the public sector

  • build ambition on addressing the monumental challenges we face.


It will be government bodies that drive the change we need. They are the ones who will design the framework to facilitate businesses, entrepreneurs and members of the public to bring about the systemic change we need. If you want to help build a better future, we have roles for you that will offer you experience not available elsewhere:

CfCA External Volunteer: role profile 
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