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Global Impact: Climate Charities

Your impact through climate charities can dwarf impacts of any personal changes you make

Spending more on sustainably sourced goods is really important; we need to reduce our impact everywhere but there are so many massive opportunities to reduce our footprint globally that have not yet been done. Here we outline some of the charities working on projects that many not look exciting, but they are independently rated as having the greatest impact on the Climate and Biodiversity Crisis.

Why? Because time is short

If there was a storm coming and there was a hole in your roof you would repair that  before you did anything else as this would have the greatest impact in protecting everything in your home. If the climate crisis is the storm, it is just starting, but by taking the biggest actions first we can weaken it, shorten its lifetime and rebuild more quickly afterwards. 

By giving to climate and nature charities you help all  causes

Charities addressing cruelty to animals, eliminating disease or helping communities and people around the world are all causes we may have given to in the past. They do important work but just think:

  • What enables us to earn money to spare to give to these causes?

  • What allows these charities to even exist?

  • What challenge could we address to simultaneously, and affordably address all  challenges we face in society?


The answer, in some way; is climate and biodiversity. On a foundation of a stable climate: Nature provided us with all we needed to create everything we have as a species. Even as we destroy the natural world on a massive scale it continues to provide, but it can't continue much longer. It needs our help.

Have impacts around the world

There are impacts we can have around the world on climate and biodiversity collapse that dwarf impacts of ethical consumer choices. The main reason for this is: we have not done much of the easy stuff yet.

You don't have to chose between your favourite causes and climate

Climate breakdown affects our ability to address social justice, protect the environment, care for the elderly, treat disease and eliminate poverty around the world.   Give to your favourite charities too, but just giving a some amount to these highly effective climate charities too will have more impact on causes important to you but in a way that lasts longer and builds a better future helping all charitable causes.

Effective Altruism?

Effective Environmentalism are part of Effective Altruism and they have created a report of all the most impactful charities on climate change.

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Effective Environmentalism top 3 charities rated (all energy and emissions)
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Stop deforestation

Vox have done a great article about the best climate change charities to donate to that also includes the Clean Air Task Force, but if you want a charity for forests then the Coalition for Rainforest Nations is listed.