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Donate to Climate Charities

Money you donate today will have more impact than money you donate tomorrow

Fastest way to have the greatest impact

Making ethical consumer choices is important, but giving to a climate charity dwarfs the impact of buying ethically. For the price of a reusable coffee mug, you can prevent more CO2 entering the atmosphere than you produce in several years by donating to a non-profit. 


Climate breakdown affects our ability to address every challenge we face: social justice, protecting the environment, caring for the elderly, treating diseases and eliminating poverty around the world. Giving to charities fighting climate change also helps tackle these issues.

Types of climate charities

The two main types of climate charity that have the biggest impact are:

  1. Project-based charities running highly effective projects providing technological and nature-based solutions.

  2. Policy-based charities that influence climate policy. They seek to ensure Government policy directs funds to industries and research needed to address climate problems. This funding then attracts private investment.

Founders Pledge Climate Change Fund: best for Carbon Reduction

Founders Pledge does extensive research to select charities that have the greatest climate impact in the most cost-effective way. This means you don’t need to choose a charity as they’ve done the research for you.


By donating to their Climate Change Fund, you can be confident your money is doing the greatest good. Previous grant recipients include the Clean Air Task Force, UN High Level Climate Champions, and the Coalition of Rainforest Nations.

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Global Returns Project: best for biodiversity

To date Global Returns Project have screened over 20,000 charities to date for their effectiveness on addressing the climate and biodiversity crisis; looking at their  impact, scalability, networks and co-benefits.


They have a greater leaning toward biodiversity than Founders Pledge currently.


They also re-examine their selected charities every 6 months to ensure the best ones are getting your money so you start donating and you need never look back to be sure your donation is doing the best it can for a better future.

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Giving Multiplier: Donations Matched

Through Giving Multiplier, you donate to a charity of your choice and Giving Multiplier adds extra funds to your donation as long as you split it with a ‘super-effective’ charity.

Super-effective charities do about 100 times more good than typical charities. The Clean Air Task Force is the only climate charity on Giving Multiplier’s super-effective list.

Choose this option if you want to support the climate, get your money matched by other donors and give to the most consistently high-impact charity in the world.

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Other ways

Several other charities do impactful work to protect the climate and environment.


Founders Pledge is a straight-forward way to ensure your money has the greatest impact, but if you want to find a specific charity to donate to, Impactful Ninja covers nine of them and has a guide to choosing a charity.

You can make your money have an even bigger impact by choosing a green pension and bank.


Explore ethical pensions and banking options on our ‘personal actions’ page.


Make your money go further

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