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Climate Learning

The resources out there on climate are now astonishing. If you want to know more about climate in areas of interest to you, it will either already be out there in a format that works for you, or it will be coming soon.

We have gathered some of them here for you, the list will change as more come online.


Reading: Climate News, Science and Discussion 

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Climate, emissions and policy news

carbonbrief.org – is an award-winning website dedicated to analysis and fact-checking of energy policy and climate change science, with a focus on the UK.

Key Links



Climate, emissions and policy news

Science journals are not just for students and academics, Nature Climate Change has great content with types of discussions you will not find anywhere else 


Climate, emissions and policy news

Climate and other academics explain their work in accessible articles with great references to more reading and resources

Watching: Streaming content

For truly inspiring and engaging content we have access to amazing resources on all the platforms now. Regardless of what streaming services you have or don't have; with access to the internet there is a wealth of content out there for everyone.

Our YouTube series: Climate Change and Where We Are (educational sessions on climate addressing the challenges and solutions to the Climate and Biodiversity Crisis) 

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We have also pulled together some of the best resources on YouTube on our 12 channels for short introductory videos for all ages to more in depth sessions

Listening: Climate Podcasts

Most of the best conversations on climate science, solutions, politics and action are happening in the podcast world. Find most of the best ones here and let us know of others you think should also be here. 

Nori podcast: Reversing Climate Change

We have all the technology we need to address climate but we don't have all the technology we are going to use.

When they first started NORI explored some of the grandest solutions to addressing capturing carbon and storing it away. Here are some of the most impressive ideas by some of the most inspiring of people. 

Interactive: Seeing the present

Climate is already impacting on us today; Carbon Brief are gathering all the studies on this interactive map to show you where and what these impacts are. Check to see what has happened in the places you have been and in the UK. 

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Imagining our future

Look at Sea Level Rise
  • Sea level will increase even if we stay at current temperatures but not the same everywhere, like all things in climate it isn't simple
  • Firetree has a map where you can look at the impact from different sea levels we may face in future
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Check Flood Risk in Your Area
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Carbon Brief: looking at 1.5 degrees and beyond

Interactive page to see the difference between a 1.5 and 2 degree world and why it is so important we keep global heating as low as we can.

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The Climate Game: Can you reach net zero by 2050?

See how difficult it can be for policy makers and think just how much difference it will have if they know we are on board with the speed of change needed to address the Climate and Nature Crisis. 

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Understand the Latest IPCC Reports 

Understanding the United Nations climate change reports can be intimidating: each on is produced by hundreds of academics and experts examining thousands of research papers. But they are humanity's best effort at bringing all climate research together so understanding them gives you an amazing head start on productively addressing it and helping others do the same.

The Climate Science Visualised
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Other Climate Reports
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