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 Public sector volunteers

By building and growing the Cross Government Climate Hub we are growing a community of climate and sustainability communities across the public sector. However, to have an impact as a volunteer, firstly you need time. We look for prospective volunteers with at least three hours a week of time outside of work so they can consistently build momentum whilst being part of the community.


We understand that people must step forward and step back depending on personal and work circumstances but when we have active volunteers who have dedicated time every week to help then we can maintain and build momentum on this important work. Connecting the Public Sector on climate is a massive task; but working together and collaborating wherever possible we can do more with what time and resource we have. 

Cross Council Collaboration Co-Lead

As Lead for the Council Working Group, you will be responsible for coordinating council related focused projects from support of CfCA Council Working group.


Council's are the front line for supporting communities and businesses, as well as their own services to decarbonise whilst supporting ecological improvements to meet the Climate and Ecological Emergencies councils have declared. This group has grown from 8 member to 320 in over 18 months, supporting officers no matter their role from 162 councils.


We provided an opportunity for officers to discuss key topics, work with critical friends to provide feedback on projects that will impact or support councils climate and ecological work. We also want to provide a safe space for officers, whether new to the role, sustainability work added onto their role or just finding advise to make change at work and/or at home. So a place to ask for advise on any subject from internal politics, external politics, solutions, lessons learnt, best practice and thoughts on future solutions.


As co-leads we will support the council channel questions, connect people and potentially connect with critical friends, which we can explore together. There are working group members to liaise with and monthly catch up meetings are useful for this. A list of members can be provided. Attendance at fortnightly coordinator group meetings is preferable as well. The role can be made your own. The working group benefits from collective ideas and working with people’s strengths and interests.

To discuss the role, feel free to contact Ian Cable:

Grass Close Up

Growth and Onboarding Co-Lead

Making sure new members are brought onboard and effectively connected into the community is essential. We need them to feel like they know who to contact with questions and where to find the right resources to get the best out of the community.

We need someone to manage administrative tasks essential to the functioning of the Collective for Climate Action to get the process off to a good start for each new member. There is scope for addressing the overall onboarding process as well but the successful candidate need only fulfil the role below to successfully support us.


Having two people in the role would be ideal, so they can support each other to provide cover during holiday and also to make this work easy to do. 


The successful candidate must be:

  • Organised

    • Fitting volunteer work around your day job and personal life can be difficult, we need someone who is reliable in doing the work and can let us know when cover is needed. 

  • Self-motivated

    • Time is the biggest constraint we have in doing the work of the CfCA and we cannot dedicate much time to chasing volunteer colleagues to perform the tasks they have volunteered for. It is essential that, once the successful candidate can perform the role, they perform it independently and consistently. However, we need to know if active members are struggling or need help so it is essential that we are informed of other demands on your time if they become an issue in any way. Wellbeing and resilience in the climate volunteering space underpins our ability to address this issue constructively and we want volunteering to be a fulfilling experience for all active members. 

  • Comfortable using google productivity tools:

    • All our work is done on Google Drive using their tools and understanding that using their software is useful but not essential. It is very similar to Microsoft software but with more limited and slightly different functionality. Training can be administered.


The role:

  • Onboarding new members by getting them signed up to Slack and added to the correct channels and working groups. 

    • Prospective members fill out our joining form and we use that information to screen them as actual public sector employees and see what areas of the CfCA they are interested in joining and getting them into the appropriate channels on Slack and introducing them to the appropriate working group leads.

    • Using templates in Gmail to request necessary information from them if they don't supply it during application.

    • Helping to set up any external volunteers with signatures and templates as needed for their Gmail accounts.

    • There is scope for doing much more within this onboarding process; it is something that we are always looking to improve.

  • Slack:

    • Maintaining a working knowledge of our member numbers and activity in the Cross Government Climate Hub Slack workspace

    • We sometimes need to check how many people are coming on board.

  • Helping with the mail merge for the quarterly newsletter means getting the user data from Slack and aggregating with our historical mailing list to create a new master list ready for our newsletter to be sent out.


To discuss the role, feel free to contact Ian Cable:


Web Developer

Our website is obviously one of our key resources we have on the internet and we need it to be accessible and informative. 


If you have experience with WIX or would like to learn how to use it and help to address climate at the same time then you can. We need someone to help us do the following:

  • Add material and update the site

  • Improve:

    • Accessibility

    • Sharing (maintaining social share images on the pages for social media posting)

    • Navigation for ease of access to our resources.


Your updates to the site can be both reactive and proactive. We will need routine updates in material to improve the user journey and you will also have the freedom to make changes to the site as long as our messaging remains the same and any major changes are run through the Coordinator Working Group.


To discuss the role, feel free to contact Ian Cable:

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