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Climate Learning

The number of resources available about climate are astonishing.

Here are some recommended resources which demonstrate how expansive the issue of climate change really is - interconnecting various social and environmental problems.


Reading: Climate News

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CarbonBrief is an award-winning website dedicated to analysis and fact-checking energy policy and climate science. It provides various accessible articles for people with different levels of knowledge and interactive material too


The Conversation

A space where academics produce accessible articles with references and further resources on all things environment, educational, science, culture, health, business, politics, and technology 


Scientific journals are not just for academics and students! Nature Climate Change offers diverse and credible content on topics like: environmental science, geography, economics, adaptation and mitigation, sustainability, policy, philosophy and psychology.

Reading: Books about Science, Justice & Pollution


Pluriverse: A Post-Development Dictionary

An accessible and concise collection of over 100 alternatives to dominant narratives of development including their structural roots in modernity, capitalism, state domination, colonialism, and patriarchy. Alternative pathways include, ecological democracy, degrowth, agroecology, Rights of Nature, and more.


Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teaching of Plants

Exploring different indigenous languages and cultures, Braiding Sweetgrass calls upon its readers to observe the web of relationships that connects Nature. Focusing on botany, It highlights why indigenous understandings of the world should not be deemed inferior to Western science, but valued and upheld. 


Slow Death By Rubber Duck: How the Toxicity of Everyday Life Affects our Health

Short summary here - Camille?

See more recommended books here

Listening: Podcasts

Many great conversations about climate science, solutions, politics and action are happening in the podcast world. Listen to those we recommend and let us know others to add!

'The Drowned out Voices of Climate Change'
'How plants can tell us who we are'
'Barriers to access the Countryside'
'Traveller Communities: Severed from the Land'
'Unearthing Violent Histories of the English Countryside'
'Who Gets to be a Nature Writer?'

When they first started NORI explored some of the grandest solutions to addressing capturing carbon and storing it away. Here are some of the most impressive ideas by some of the most inspiring of people. 

Watching: Streaming content

Our YouTube series: Climate Change and Where We Are are sessions about challenges and solutions to the Climate and Biodiversity Crisis

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We have also pulled together some of the best resources on YouTube on our 12 channels for short introductory videos for all ages to more in depth sessions

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