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Our proposals

Healthy planet, healthy public sector
8 July 2020

The Collective for Climate Action (CfCA) is made up of over 1,000 people from over 25 different government departments and public sector organisations.

We are creating an inclusive community of people who want to use their knowledge and skills to combat the climate and ecological crisis through their work.

In the recovery from coronavirus, there are lessons we must learn in relation to the climate and ecological emergency. To make these changes, staff need the tools, mechanisms and necessary training opportunities to tackle climate and ecological-related issues effectively, and the CfCA believes that these should be provided and embedded into our ways of working.

Redesigning our relationship with the planet is vital. So too is creating a future that regenerates the planet’s ecosystems. We believe that the UK still has the time and the ability to slow down global warming, meet Net Zero and become a carbon negative country. Through this, we can work with other countries to achieve the same outcomes.

In light of this, the CfCA has three proposals which we would like the whole public sector to support and shape:

  1. Make tackling climate and ecological issues central to everything the civil service and public sector does and how it does it (through their processes, values and codes of practice).

  2. Include climate and ecological understanding as compulsory training for all staff.

  3. Embed tackling the climate and ecological emergency into all policy and strategy decision-making, implementation and delivery.


These should be designed and created in collaboration with staff from across the public sector.


We have provided further information below the ‘show your support’ page. Now is the time to make all the necessary and relevant changes that are needed.

We have seen a strong response to the CfCA proposals so far - thank you. It is really important that we show senior leaders and management that all staff from across the whole of government and the public sector want to take a lead on tackling the climate and ecological emergency.


The proposals document is an excellent way for us to show our collective response! If you are keen to show your support, and there is no pressure to do so, please sign below as either an individual (where you will be a co-signatory to the proposals) or as an anonymous supporter:

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