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In your community

Has your council declared a climate emergency?
Check your local community's carbon footprint:
Write to your MP find out who they are here:
Learn how to effectively lobby your MP:
Climate learning
  • Encourage your council to become carbon literate so they can plan how to address it. The Carbon Literacy Project have been hugely successful in public sector organisations and councils around the UK. Find out more about the excellent Carbon Literacy Project here.

Share work and learn from other communities

In the collective we strongly believe in sharing good work done already and support the learning that can come from it. Carbon Copy do the same; sharing work already done and published by those communities, companies and councils that have already done it. Find inspiration in the examples shared on their site and also links to the organisations and groups doing it. 

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Cut emissions locally
  • Through the deployment of data and digital services mySociety is helping councils, community organisations, campaign groups and individual citizens to take faster, more informed and effective action to cut emissions at the local level.

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Centre for Alternative Technology

The Centre for Alternative Technology are also sharing information on work done by community groups and how to replicate it, but they also do much, much more.

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The Zero Carbon Britain Hub and Innovation Lab helps turn climate and biodiversity emergency declarations into action. With technical solutions readily available, the momentum is building in our towns and cities to reach net zero as quickly as possible.

We provide councils, communities and other organisations with the knowledge, confidence and skills to transform complex economic, social and political systems and achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040. We do this through a range of training coursesevents, detailed research reportsinnovation lab processes and a free online resource hub. We integrate our learning across these activities to continually enhance them and share the best available information with and between those we’re working with.

Look at their resource hub HERE

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