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How we work

Building ambition on climate action

By bringing people together and building a community, we are bringing change from within, building ambition in addressing the climate and biodiversity inside government.


Time is very short and we need to get the solutions that already exist scaled up, and bring down emissions, now. Through emphasising and explaining the urgency, and our capacity for truly ambitious action throughout government bodies, we will embolden leadership to make the decisions that really count, when they count.

We are not political. The science states that no major government is doing enough to address climate and ecological breakdown, so our role will continue until we provide a sustainable future for all people, as well as the environment that we all depend on. 
We believe that, as public servants, we are in a privileged position to bring change from within. We are all connected to the levers directing the United Kingdom, we know how and where our organisations can make the difference needed to fight climate breakdown.


Many government departments don’t have a direct impact on climate policy but all must decarbonise and reduce their environmental footprint. We can all play our part and you can bring change inside and outside of your public sector organisation as we have no boundaries between who can work on what project. As long as you have the drive, the time and an ambition to help make a better future than the one we face then please get in touch, join the conversation and become an active member of the CfCA.


We need people now more than ever as we grow across government. Bring your knowledge, ideas, friends and colleagues from around the public sector and help us join the different groups and conversations happening on climate throughout the county. So many resources and ideas are being recreated many times over, and if we can share this throughout government bodies, together with the knowledge that created it then we can save precious time in the climate fight.
In these difficult times, digital technology has proved its ability to bring people and ideas together. Help us use it now to fight for a better future by growing climate knowledge and understanding in government and driving ambition to fight climate breakdown.

Working Groups

We need your help


Get in touch (collectiveforclimateaction.info@gmail.com) to: 


We will support you to be the change you want to see, in your workplace and even in your community. Share your experiences, knowledge, fears and ideas about addressing the climate crisis. We can achieve little on our own, but collectively we can create a better future.